The Sober Kickstart

Whether it’s day 1 or day 300, get sober, stay sober and finally feel good about it.




You’ve probably been thinking about stopping drinking, or at least slowing down. Maybe not stopping for good. Maybe just for a while. You can’t quite imagine your life without alcohol, but you think you need a break.
Or maybe you’ve already stopped, but you’re still in your first year and “starting over” at day 1 is a continual worry.

Does this sound like you?

Do you wake up more mornings than you care to admit feeling less-than-stellar because you drank too much the night before? You roll out of bed with regret and a headache, swearing you won’t drink for a while—or maybe ever.
Only to make it to the evening when you decide you’ll have “just one drink” to take the edge off.
Life is hard. Stress happens. Relationships take their toll. Drinking helps, right?
Until you’re five drinks in—or two bottles in, maybe—and making the same mistakes you regretted this morning, or worse.
Or maybe you haven’t had a drink in a while, but “just one drink” has been on your mind. You’ve been this close, too many times.
It’s a vicious cycle, and although you recognized it long ago, and you tell yourself you’re going to stop or cut back—and maybe sometimes you succeed for a few days or even a couple weeks or months—you always keep drinking.
It’s taking a toll on your life, your relationships, your health, your emotions, maybe even your job.

Feel better, do better, be better.

Sober Kickstart is an online program that gives you the tools and support you need to help you stop drinking for 30 days, and build the foundation for a sober life using tools that we’ve employed successfully with clients for decades.

Day by day, you’ll watch your hangovers and regret fade into the past. You’ll step out of the brain fog and into a life you can feel proud of.

Here’s how Sober Kickstart can help.

The Sober Kickstart is an Online program that takes you from “day 1, again,” to “day 30 and feeling inspired.” All the tools you need to get to 30 days.

Four Foundation Units

You can achieve 30-days of sobriety when you have the right tools. The reason you have been struggling is because you haven’t had the right information or tools. Now you do.

Unit 1- Preparation

Unit 2 - Commitment

Unit 3 - Challenges

Unit 4 - Discoveries

Live Q & A’s

You will be able to ask instructors direct questions about getting sober or any challenges you have

Closed Facebook group just for paid students

You’ll find that our Facebook group is a supportive and understanding community who are all on the same journey. You can also ask the instructors questions about the course material and get support from other students.

With our expert help, guidance and coaching, you don’t have to spend another day trapped by alcohol.

As soon as you purchase, you’ll:

  • Gain complete access to Sober Kickstart, the online program.
  • Access the program confidentially, with complete privacy, in the comfort of your own home—no travel required.

Sober Kickstart—Get to 30 days

In the Sober Kickstart online program, we’ll begin by preparing you to get through the first seven days.

Next, we’ll equip you with everything you need to get past the hurdles that have kept you drinking up until now. You’ll have everything you need to reach 30 days with confidence. You’ll be able to:

  • Understand why you drink and how culture has tricked you into believing alcohol is good for you
  • See that you’re not alone despite how you feel
  • Fill your time with activities you love (that don’t involve drinking)
  • Socialize sober without feeling like you’re missing out
  • Overcome cravings
  • Tell people you’re not drinking without feeling shame
  • Avoid self-sabotage
  • Stick it out for 30 days (or longer!) feeling like you have options
  • And so much more!

Which of these myths is holding you back?

  • “If I stop drinking, I’ll miss out on all the fun.”
  • “If I stop drinking, the people in my life won’t understand.”
  • “I won’t be able to cope with [insert current difficult situation].”
  • “I’ll lose all my friends.”
  • “I can’t stop. Every time I try, I fail.”
  • “I’ve stopped drinking for a while now, but it still feels so hard.”
  • “What if I can’t do it?”

Maybe you’ve tried AA but had a bad experience and don’t want to go back. Or maybe AA is the last place you want to go because you’re not ready to sit down with a group of strangers and reveal your deepest truth. Or you’re not religious and can’t get over the dogma. Or the idea of calling yourself an alcoholic goes against everything you believe.

We get it.

Sober Kickstart is designed to meet you where you’re at.

You get access to Sober Kickstart, the online program that that gives you the tools you need to get to 30 days sober.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Stopping drinking is hard, there’s no doubt. That’s why we’ve created Sober Kickstart—so you don’t have to try to figure this out on your own. (In our experience, you need support to stop drinking.)


Who Are We?

Veronica Valli is a psychotherapist, recovery coach, level two EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner, MASC life coach, author of books Why You Drink and How to Stop and Get Sober Get Free, and cohost of the Soberful Podcast. She has been in recovery for 19 years and has been working as a recovery coach and therapist for 18 years.

Veronica passionately believes that anyone can recover from alcohol if they are given the right tools and support. She has personally helped thousands of women transform their lives. Veronica believes that alcohol is only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem, and that to recover, thrive and become the women we are truly meant to be, we need to embrace the process of change.

Now based in the USA, she works with women all over the world through her online programs, Facebook groups and one-on-one or group coaching. Veronica is married and lives on Long Island with her husband and two sons.

Chip Somers is a successful psychotherapist with a practice in Harley Street, London. He has run several rehabilitation centres throughout his 33-year career. He deals with people who have tried to sort themselves out but need that extra bit of input to help them get better and get through the mess they are in.

Chip has been instrumental in many people's recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. In particular, Russell Brand dedicates a whole chapter to Chip in his new book Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped. Chip is married with two adult children. He has been continuously sober since 1985.


Yes, as soon as you pay, you gain access to the Sober Kickstart online course materials. You can start the online program at any time.

You’ll be able to access the Sober Kickstart online program forever.

If you’re here, you know that what you have been doing until now isn’t working. You need the right tools and support to make it happen. When you have a solid plan combined with the knowledge of what to expect, then you have a much better chance of success. We use our experience to give you the knowledge and skills—it’s up to you to do the work.

We get asked this question a lot. Don’t worry—this is covered in the program. What to say, how and when to say it and how to deal with people who don’t like the fact you have stopped drinking.

No. If you wait, you’ll never find the right time because there is always an upcoming event, holiday, birthday, etc. that you associate with drinking. The truth is, you can easily socialize and have fun sober, it’s just that you have never learned how to do it.

Think back over the last few times you drank. Was it fun? Really? What if, instead, you could go to your party/event, spend less money, not make a fool of yourself, and wake up the next morning feeling great? The only thing that needs to change is your belief that you have to drink to have fun. You’ll work on all this in Sober Kickstart PLUS.

We recommend that you hold off for about a week (but not much longer or you'll never start!) so that you can go through the information in the course and be ready to start. With the right mindset, you’re more likely to succeed.

We don't necessarily adhere to or advise against these steps. We leave the choice of support up to you. We have seen people do very well in AA, but we have seen people get support other ways as well.

If you are drinking heavily, you are at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms that need to be monitored by a health care professional. We are not licensed health professionals. The information in this program is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace any advice from a health care professional. Please consult your health care professional before you plan to give up alcohol.

When you purchase the Sober Kickstart you get immediate access to all the content you have purchased. For this reason we don't give refunds. Instead we expect that you have done due dillegence and listend to the podcast, checked out our free products and are therefore confident that Chip and Veronica are qualified and experienced and provide quality products.

A Note from Your Future Self

Hi you,

This feels like a hard decision, I know. You’re not sure you want to do this, or can do this. But that tiny idea you have that your life could be better without alcohol? It’s so true. You can do this.

Love you.

Sober Kickstart will help you understand how the alcohol paradox has you fooled and how the sober truth can help you like yourself again. Being sober will give you everything alcohol ever promised you, and more.

Who knows what 30 days might lead to?! Here’s what one of our FB members had to say:

“I did the same thing at first, set a goal of 30 days then 60, then 6 months, etc., etc., and 2½ years later my life is sooo much better. I don't want to go back.”

—Sober Life Community member


We are not licensed health professionals. The information in this program is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace any advice from a health care professional. Please consult your health care professional before you plan to give up alcohol.



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