The Sober Kick Start

Sorry, enrolment for the Sober Kickstart is currently closed. Please leave your name and email so we can keep you updated on the next program date.

You think you should stop drinking but have tried and failed several times.

You want to quit for 30-days.

It’s hard to imagine your life without alcohol in it, but you don't know if you want to quit forever. At the moment alcohol is now controlling you, and you don’t recognize yourself.

You want to change, but you have tried on your own and it hasn't worked. 


Drinking used to be fun, but now it’s taken over your life.

You wake up feeling ashamed and guilty.

You’ve tried cutting down and drinking less, but despite trying “everything,” you fail every time.

You just want to feel better

Imagine being able to go to a party and socializing and having fun without ever wanting a drink.

Picture waking up the next morning with good memories and no regrets.

You’re in control of your life and feel comfortable and at ease with yourself.


You know life is short, and now that you’ve conquered alcohol, you can make every day count.

You can meet your goals and get stuff done because you’re finally free from the pressure to drink.

Imagine what it would feel like to feel hopeful and excited about life and never feel like you are missing out.

Does this sound familiar:

  • You spend a lot of time thinking about drinking or not drinking.
  • You feel anxious all the time.
  • You feel lonely and “left out” when you see everyone drinking.
  • You just don’t know where to start.

That’s where we can help

We are coach's for people who feel like alcohol has hijacked their lives.

Although they can’t imagine life without it, every time they drink or fail to control their drinking, they wake up feeling ashamed, guilty and frightened.

We help you eliminate alcohol, so you are free to socialize, have fun and restore your health.

As a result of this program you will:

  • Stop feeling like you’re missing out when you’re not drinking. In fact, you’ll feel just the opposite!
  • Be able to stop drinking for 30-days and change your relationship with alcohol
  • Understand why alcohol effects you the way it does
  • Finally be able to like yourself again.

The Sober Kickstart Includes:

Four Foundation Units

You can achieve 30-days of sobriety when you have the right tools. The reason you have been struggling is because you haven’t had the right information or tools. Now you do.
Unit 1- Preparation
Unit 2 - Commitment
Unit 3 - Challenges
Unit 4 - Discoveries


Live Q & A’s

You will be able to ask instructors direct questions about getting sober or any challenges you have.


Closed Facebook group just for paid students

You’ll find that our Facebook group is a supportive and understanding community who are all on the same journey. You can also ask the instructors questions about the course material and get support from other students.

With our expert help, guidance and coaching, you don’t have to spend another day trapped by alcohol.


Sorry, enrolment for the Sober Kickstart is currently closed. Please leave your name and email so we can keep you updated on the next program date.


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